Welcome to NicaProperties


NicaProperties is a real estate and development firm located in Managua. We provide professional real estate and development services across the entirety of the country. From coast to coast in Nicaragua, we can help you find a solid investment that fits your requirements.

NicaProperties is devoted to providing you with the most courteous and professional real estate development and investment services in all of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is an excellent place to live and invest, and we take pride in our services as we pass our enthusiasm on to you.

Our foremost goal is to find the property that is right for you in this paradise called Nicaragua. We hope you will join us so you can experience the many opportunities and experiences that Nicaragua has to offer.

Our Nicaragua Real Estate development and acquisition services offers coverage for the entirety of the country and currently counts with different developments that are in their initial stages, therefore, if you are interested in an specific area, we will search in deep for the type of lot that suits your wants and needs (considering your budgeting) and will take care of all the paperwork related to the construction of your premium home, including the dealings with local governments or municipalities,  that way, you can focus on the appeal of your home by adding your preferred features while our team is working out the rest of the details concerning your newly acquired property.

The Company

NicaProperties S.A. is a Nicaraguan based corporation that researches and develops the Nicaragua real estate market. Nicaragua is a dynamic real estate market, and only by researching the trends and changes in the market can a worthwhile investment opportunity be offered. NicaProperties studies these trends to insure that you own a solid investment in the top locations in Nicaragua.