The stock market is naturally very unstable and has had very rapid dips and crashes without giving any warning, just like the one we’re experiencing now. Your stock investment can go from booming worthless in just one day there’s nothing anyone like you and me can do to affect the value or force the appreciation of your stocks. Also, if you want your stocks anymore you sell them and end any further appreciation or income that you could generate from them. What’s even worse is that stocks go down violently on false information or news and violent reality of the world is affecting the stock market every day, so this is definitely a game that not everyone is prepared to play.

The real estate market is more stable, it doesn’t crash it doesn’t move violently without any warning. Actually real estate always cycles and there is always a warning that will allow you to adjust your portfolio, so you can improve your property and actually force its appreciation. If you decide you don’t want your real estate anymore, you can still earn a return on it if you decide to hold a mortgage. False news and speculation does not affect real estate if does not pertain your particular property in the war and reality in the world is definitely not affected the rapid appreciation of real estate in Nicaragua. Real estate is not a mystery and its game that many people can play.

People have seen their retirement savings disappear, some investors are not disgusted with the stock market and while stocks were going nowhere in the beginning of the century, the real estate market registered the biggest rice in 2001 and 2005, with an average annual gain of 19%. This just makes it very clear that people should have their money, their retirement savings, from the start. This has allowed people to control over the investing destiny and not depend on a CEO that you only see on television and is getting richer and richer while people are losing money.

The real estate investment and about your retirement dates can serve as a way to diversify your retirement portfolio and hedge against the cyclical changes in the stock market, this is why we say that real estate is the ultimate hard asset, a tangible asset and not a simple paper certificate. The downside protection is huge, because it’s natural for real estate to maintain its value. So a real estate investment, if you know how to move your cards and get assessed by the correct people, is as safe and secure as you can get and the big profits can be just around the corner.