Real Estate Investments vs Stock Investments

The stock market is naturally very unstable and has had very rapid dips and crashes without giving any warning, just like the one we’re experiencing now. Your stock investment can go from booming worthless in just one day there’s nothing anyone like you and me can do to affect the value or force the appreciation […]

Aspects to Consider when Investing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua real estate is going through a boom and with time passing on, more and more Nicaragua real estate developers are investing to get a piece of this real estate in Nicaragua market. They are realizing that properties in Nicaragua real estate that can be developed are vast and they usually give up great returns when […]

Casa Nicaragua real estate

Casa Nicaragua real estate is growing as the profile of this small, peaceful and democratic country is being raised. More and more people are looking for real estate in Nicaragua to fulfill their dreams of owning a second home or relocate abroad and they are awakening to the delights of the Casa Nicaragua real estate market. Nicaragua […]

Nicaragua: A Success Story in the Making

By: Otaviano Canuto Executive Director, IMF This post was co-authored by Manuel Coronel Nicaragua is far more than just the newest and swankiest destination for world travelers. It is -and mark our words – on its way to becoming the latest success story in the western hemisphere. Let us just tell you why. Nicaragua already is […]

Nicaragua Real Estate Beach

Nicaragua real estate beach is seeing an increasing amount of expats who are investing in Nicaragua real estate for sale. While the American real estate market is shaky and insecure, there is none of that in Nicaragua real estate, which is why so many people are attracted to it. Nicaragua real estate has proved to investors […]

Luxury is Growing Fast in the Nicaragua Real Estate Market

Nicaragua real estate is a market that has experienced amazing growth in the past ten years, with an astounding increase in foreign investments on Nicaragua real estate for sale and special attention to luxury residential Nicaragua real estate during the recent period of a problematic economy in the United States. Nicaragua real estate has seen a major increase in the development […]

Nicaragua Beaches efforts

Nicaragua beach towns used to be remote and deserted locations which did not have too much of an access to the most basic services in order to cover the needs of their residents and visitors. These towns have presented lately a really specialized offer and have seen an increasing activity making a more welcoming place […]

Nicaragua Real Estate will Remain Stable

Nicaragua real estate is a market that has managed over the past few years to make an increasing number of North American and European investors to turn their heads and attention towards Nicaragua real estate for sale. Obligated by their restrictively inexpensive domestic real estate markets plus the instability of the existing equity markets, investors have […]