Nicaragua beaches are one of the biggest attractions of this country; they are acquired as the most beautiful and idyllic of the world. You will find all kind of amazing and different beaches in Nicaragua, rocky beaches or those with white sand and big coconut trees, along the coast you will find golden sand beaches, gray sand beaches, black sand beaches even pink sand beaches making this country the best place to enjoy the sun and the sea.

The 65 percent of the Nicaraguan borders build a coastal belt with limits in the east with the Atlantic Ocean and in the west with the Pacific Ocean. The zone has a very small population so it makes for the beaches to be relatively private and your vacations more relaxing and calm.

This country is very narrow because it is located in the Central American isthmus and this causes the nearness of the both coasts Pacific and Atlantic but also cause the variety in both places.

The most beautiful and developed beaches are located along the San Juan del Sur coast but if you´d rather enjoy an unforgettable and exciting vacation time in a more distant beach you can travel to rest of the Pacific coast. You can also find admirable vegetation in the Caribbean coast.

With a great number of activities to practice and a lot of ways to have fun, Nicaragua offers to the tourist all kind of aquatic sports since scuba diving, surf and sport fish or for a more relaxing moment you can take a sun shower or ride a horse along the coast specially in the Pacific because the weather is almost perfect all the year.

Among the most beautiful beaches that you can visit for surfing are Playa Maderas, Playa Colorado, Panga Drops, Popoyo and Lance´s Left.

The variety in the beaches of this country is also remarkable with the kindness and amenity of their people who always have a smile in their face for you and the disposition to help you if you need them to; they will treat you like a friend and they make you feel special. This people are very friendly and it ensures you a great time in the beach.

No matter what you are looking for in your vacations; emotion, relax, sharing with your couple or having fun with your friends You are guaranteed to find it in the beaches of Nicaragua.