Nicaragua beach real estate, have you wondered how it would be the experience of owning a piece of land in one of them? Magical, that is the word to describe it, and if you are wondering why, keep on reading and see it for yourself, maybe soon you will be visiting the most popular beaches in Nicaragua.

A Nicaragua beach real estate is a truly valuable asset, no matter if you are a local or a foreigner, and owners are glad to have invested their money here since they are sure to count with attractive realty that is located in beaches which might or might not be frequently visited by tourists.

Concerning this, it is worth to mention that Nicaragua beach front properties are all on the same page concerning their high value, but it depends on everyone’s personal tastes where they want to build their own home, considering the many offerings available in the country in terms of services, nightlife, lifestyle and more.

This is a country that has been privileged by nature as it counts with the good porcentage of the world´s biodiversity, and being a fairly small nation, you can imagine the high concentration of exotic flora and fauna that is available in the different regions of the national territory, being this one of the main reasons for the popularity of local real estate in the north American and European markets.

Local beaches split between those of pale and white sand, and are also distinguished because of the color of the water, which can be of blue or green tones, and it can also be clear or of a profound dimension. This describes the wide variety of beaches which you will find in Nicaragua along its seaside regions such as the central pacific coast, San Juan and the Caribbean.

Another interesting factor concerning the beaches of this Central American country is the diversity of nationalities that get mixed here, as for example, if you visit a place such as San Juan Del Sur (a coastal town in the Rivas province), you will get to experience an impressive gathering of cultures coexisting in peace and harmony.

Beaches of Nicaragua are also popular amongst recognized surfers from all corners of the world due to the quality of the waves and the warmness of the sea, which makes it perfect for surfing for hours without worrying about cold temperatures and other detrimental factors present in beaches of other countries where, for example, special suits needs to be worn to avoid body freezing.

These and other key elements sets Nicaragua beaches as one of the preferred destinations for people that is looking for properties either for retiring here permanently, or for coming for a vacation from time to time.

And conditions for the acquisition of a local property are quite favorable for foreigners as the government is aware of the fact that the economy is sustained in a large part by the tourism industry, therefore, if you are still not sure about buying here, just take a trip around the country, and see for yourself.