El Encanto Ocean View Lots

San Juan del Sur
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El Encanto del Sur Phase 2

Pacific Ocean views as far as the eye can see, from Costa Rica to the south, to Majagual beach and beyond. A former cornfield has now become home to the highest active phase of El Encanto del Sur, with gently sloping fields that end at the edge of the forest.  To the East is the continental divide–at 1000 feet, still part of El Encanto’s 350 acres. From there you can see Lake Nicaragua on one side and The Pacific Ocean on the other. Up here there’s always a cool breeze, blowing away the heat from the town below and offering some of the best views and in all of the San Juan area.

Lot prices start at $62,000 and come ready-to-build with wells and water lines already in place. Power will be provided to each lot courtesy of a solar-powered micro-grid, built and maintained by El Encanto.  Please see attached Los Suenos,  Las Cascadas and La Mesa Lot prices and details.

Los Suenos

The lots at Los Suenos, 29 in total, range from just under a quarter acre to more than half an acre. Those tucked into the forest to the south are known as our Canopy lots with peaceful, forested views that disappear to the Rana Caliente stream below.

The upper plateau of Los Suenos contains 28 lots with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and beyond.  We have carefully planned the lot layout and building guidelines at Suenos to preserve views and ocean breezes for all. One or two story homes can be built, with a height limit up to 10 meters.  We have model homes for you to choose from or you can design your own.

Suenos will also be the site of the primary El Encanto community center and pool, so you’ll be able to swim and socialize steps away from your home.


La  Mesas

As you cross the arched stone bridge and begin climbing, you’ll see to the East a promontory that looks over the valley below. In the distance to the West is the Pacific Ocean. This area is known as La Mesas, named after the Mesa Verde National Park in the United States as they too are built into the hillside.   Below, to the south, is the seasonal river that runs six months a year. Here, five lots look over the valley with majestic views toward San Juan Bay in the distance. Lots range from 1/3 acre to an acre.


Las Cascadas

Across from La Mesas, Las Cascadas feature large lots with views of the Pacific, some filtered between beautiful hardwood trees. We have intentionally left many trees, both large and small on the land to allow you to determine your own vision.  And the 40 foot waterfall, after which this area is named, is only a hundred meters or so from the lots boundary. If you want horses for your ranchita, we have a corral nearby where they can be looked after.

All lots in the Mesas and Cascades include water service to the lot, fed by high-capacity wells operated by El Encanto. Both phases are designed for off-grid, green power systems. When it comes time to build we can assist owners with system sizing for solar and/or wind power.

$62 000